A Fraternity of Friendship Gyro International THE GYRO STORE
GYROS AND LADIES The Gyro Store will no longer offer a selection of clothing or gifts. We will continue to provide necessary items such as insignia pins, awards, certificates, and the like. In the event a club or district wished to make a large scale purchase, then we would attempt to assist. Although the attempt to provide a wide-range of Gyro related items appeard promising when the store was first developed - especially the opportunity to provide items such as distinctive club shirts or other clothing - and suitable gifts at reasonable pricing - those clubs who did make such purchases tended to find other outlets - either at lower prices or because a club member was in the business. Although we had arrangements with one US and two Canadian suppliers with extensive inventories and fair prices, it did not entice purchases. Perhaps a sign of the times. At any rate, Gyro has no purchasing power to compete with box stores or online marketers since our orders were random at best. The Executive Council has thus determined that since the store was under-used; that maintaining inventory was a drain on our financial resources; and that it was time consuming to our more limited office staff; it was best that we only provide the necessary Gyro items and close out any remaining inventory. As noted in the past GyroScope, remaining items such as burgees are offered at half-price. If interested, contact the Gyro office.